Requirements Analysis – Follow Up

Sometimes there are reasons to withhold the actual objectives from the analyst. It must be understood that the project will likely suffer because of this. The analyst/developer will be constrained by what little they know. They may wish to propose developing a certain system in a certain way to make it more versatile for the upcoming projects. Without knowing the reasons for date constraints or cost constraints or even functional constraints the developer will not be able to propose a certain design technique. This might mean developing a similar system later when the current system, if designed slightly differently might have served both projects. This would double the cost of this piece of the system.

If the reason is valid, then perhaps the writer of the requirements can, with the help of the stakeholders manufacture a different object, which still conveys the meaning of the objective without disclosing the confidential components. Typically in a large organization the confidential items refer to loss of jobs that will result or costs of a project or failures of the previous project or failures of the previous stakeholders.